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Capture natural warmth and full-spectrum detail of your acoustic guitar with a magnetic soundhole pickup and omni-directional mic.

The Mag Mic from Seymour Duncan combines a high-quality hum-cancelling magnetic Stack pickup with an omni-directional condenser micall in one unit. The magnetic pickup delivers the natural, full bodied warmth of your guitar, and the mic allows you to dial in just the right amount of high end resonance and airiness and unique character. Together they provide crystal clear acoustic tone that sounds just like your guitar, but at the volume you need. If you enjoy percussive style playing and it can handle loud volumes. It can even take on overdrive and intentional feedback. That’s why hard-playing Wiessenborn players like Ben Harper, David Lindley, Xavier Rudd, and Cindy Cashdollar choose the Mag Mic for their aggressive lap-style playing.The Mag Mic allows you to uniquely tailor your sound by giving you the freedom to blend the mic in (or out) as much as you need to achieve just the right overall sonic balance. There are two onboard controls a master volume, and a mic blend. The master volume controls the entire output signal, and the mic blend lets you decide how much mic will be mixed in. With its strap button endpin jack, the Mag Mic can be installed permanently, or, for temporary installation, you can hang the jack from your existing strap button with the special built-in strain relief loop in the Mag Mics output cable. The Mag Mic is an active pickup, and requires the use of a 9V battery. Or, if you choose, you can install the (included) 12V battery clips on the bottom of the pickup for more convenient battery access and easier portability (overall battery life is a little shorter when using a 12V battery).Connect to your favorite amp, PA, direct box, or console with a standard guitar cable. It fits into guitars with soundholes from 3.25 to 4.2.NOTE this is a magnetic pickup, and will not work with nylon stringed instruments.

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