Vyagra Broost MK2


Vyagra Boost Mk2 from Crazy Tube Circuits is the ultimate gadget for every stringed instrument. It is a unique full range clean boost featuring an independent parametric eq section ( +/- 15db @ 120 – 1200Hz ). The heart of this pedal is a high quality mosfet opamp that enhances your tone.
Change the voicing of your favorite pedal or amp, cut or give mid-hump. Place it before an overdrive or distortion for the ultimate gain and sustain. Place it at the end of the signal chain to give a volume boost for soloing and overdrive the input of your amp. Use it as a high quality buffer with gain knob full counter clock-wise and eq off.
Dial the sensitivity control and use it as highly customizable envelope filter. Plug in an expression pedal and you have a remotely controlled wah-wah pedal.
A Swiss army knife at your feet. Additional shipping charge may apply.

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